Reframe Your Diet: 5 Eye-Openers Can Change Your Life

Let me begin by saying…

You Can Do It! I Know You Can!

You just have to reorient your thinking so it enhances your success. practice Start here to reframe your diet:
A habit is something you do automatically, without thinking, so make your goal to habitually have a healthy diet. They say it takes 60 days to form a habit.
If that’s true, dig out your calendar and count off 60 days. Mark that date as the day you will be living with your new habits. All you need to succeed is to have your eyes opened.

Eye-Opener #1:

Change how you perceive the word “Diet.” Everyone has one, even your cat. What You Eat Is Your Diet. You are always on it. You can’t break it because it’s whatever you eat. You can maintain a diet that gives you the energy to run around and get things done, or default to a diet that moves you closer to a wheelchair. What you eat, whether it is planned out or just tossed in your mouth because it’s yummy, is your diet.

Eye-Opener #2:

This isn’t about what you can’t have. This Is About What You Can Have! People who don’t successfully change their eating habits are usually denying themselves something. That leads to a sense of deprivation, which instinctively they try to alleviate. Instead of punishing yourself by withholding food, embrace the new-found energy and clarity of thinking that a healthy diet provides. Rejoice in adding healthy years to your life to spend with your loved ones, your kids, your grandkids. Revel in the positive impact of modeling your new habits for your family. Decrease your chances of cancer and diabetes and heart failure and stroke and…

Eye-Opener #3:

If you want to change your size by changing what you eat, instead of denying yourself the foods you love, Add Food To Your Diet! That’s right…don’t let yourself get hungry. Hungry = Stupid Decisions. That’s why I grabbed a Payday candy bar on the way to an appointment today. I let the stash of almonds and raisins I carry in my purse dwindle to nothingness, and I got hungry. But, no problem. I’ll replenish my stash and resume my good habits tomorrow. I’ll have to if I’m going to eat pretty much all day long, and remain a size 6.Deborah Ann Davis

Eye-Opener #4:

Speaking of adding food to your diet, whatever makes up your current meal plan, Add 4 Cups Of Wiggle Writer diet habitsGreen Veggies Every Day. You can eat anything else you want, as long as you fit in 4 cups of green veggies every day. It’s easy. One large salad will easily account for 2 cups. Have spinach or collard greens with your lunch, and green beans for supper, and voila! 4 cups of green veggies in one day. It will add fiber to your diet, which will move waste through you faster. You’ll get a vitamin boost. It will curb your urge to reach for less healthy alternative because you will be full. And, as an added bonus, you’ll feel cocky because you will have taken control of you. Plus, in 60 days, this will be your go-to habit.

Eye-Opener #5:

Trim Down By Eating The Foods You Love! This is a Venn Diagram:

Circle A represents your favorite foods. Circle B is all the foods that are good for you to eat. Where they intersect is Section C. Now, that’s where the magic happens. These are The Foods You Love That Are Good For You, the foods you are going to eat to trim down your size. Eat these favorites, plus 4 cups of green veggies a day, and you will see changes in no time.

AND, you won’t feel deprived once you decide not to feel deprived. Instead, you are going to feel coddled because every meal will be a treat.

If you want to eat something from the A circle that’s not good for you, go ahead… just don’t make a habit of it.